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Back In Motion is committed to Patient Education. The diverse topics available through our health and wellness seminars are designed to appeal to the interest and need of the general population and those interested in improving their health and life style. These seminars are designed to raise awareness, educate and provide useful strategies for making positive lifestyle changes.

Get the Knowledge You Deserve

At Back In Motion, we believe that it is your right to learn about your health and diseases. Unlike any other medical clinic, we aim to educate our patients with proper knowledge of their health related issues. This will help you to better manage your health and prevent potential health risks.

Participants are able to connect with peers who are also interested in learning actionable health tips in a fun, social environment. Participants can receive an information-packed handout that reinforces new knowledge acquired during the seminar.

What you will learn

  1. What is Physiotherapy and how it can help you live a pain-free life.
  2. What is Osteopathic Medicine and how it can be applied to improve your daily health.
  3. In our Diabetes awareness seminar series, you will learn the myths about diabetes and how you can prevent it.
  4. You will learn to manage stress and reduce anxiety in your daily life by practicing meditation and breathing techniques.
  5. You will learn the facts behind your illnesses and be able to understand them in a more understandable non-medical terms.